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Healthcare Professional

ARK Care™ can help you and your health care team better manage patients with diabetes and improve their quality of life in-between visits. ARK Care™ allows caregivers, physicians, and others approved by a patient to view a patient’s data and communicate and collaborate with them through a unique messaging system. The healthcare team member can remotely, yet securely, monitor its patient’s glucose data and other important factors relevant to the patient’s diabetes health.

As a healthcare professional, you will be able to view this data and analyze trends or patterns using the charting tools provided with ARK Care™. Perhaps most importantly, you can use ARK Care™ to alert you to significant changes in blood glucose readings. By staying connected with your patient, you can help improve your patient’s diabetes health.

Clinicians and people with diabetes can easily use the unique Internet-based tools in ARK Care™ from their own home or within medical facilities. MyCareTeam’s diabetes offering has been successfully used for over five years by patients, doctors, and nurses to dramatically improve health and wellness in people with diabetes and to reduce overall health care costs.

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